Friday Afternoon And Other Stories

You come home from a day of no surprises, thinking you’ll just relax with a hot drink and something amusing to read. But then you pick up a short story from T.D. Johnston instead and, almost immediately, you’re knocked off balance. It’s just an insistent little nudge at first, but the nudges get more and more insistent, along with the knot forming in your stomach. You never see the end that’s coming because it sneaks in around a corner where you never thought to look. T.D. Johnston isn’t just a master of suspense. He’s a master of surprise.

This collection by T.D. Johnston settles the reader in a comfortable easy chair and then proceeds to prick him with electrifying barbs, pelt him with bizarre happenings, or turn time and place upside down. The table of contents include The Errand, Friday Afternoon, Gratuity, The Closing, A Game of Chess, Sixth Period, The Guest, The First Key, Carpool, The Interruption of Thomas Darrow, A Morning Along the Way, and Marco Polo

Friday Afternoon And Other Stories
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